Mohamed Abou-Khousa

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Mohamed Abou-Khousa


Dr. Mohamed (IEEE SM’10) has had core and advanced formal education in electrical engineering focusing on applied electromagnetics and statistical signal processing. Over the years, Dr. Mohamed has devised principles of waves scattering, absorption, reflection and interaction with material structure reconciled with circuit theory to see the “unseen”. Based on these principles, he has developed several innovative inspection devices and imaging systems.

He has been actively involved in various multidisciplinary research and development projects sponsored by industry and government agencies. These projects yielded state-of-the are sensing systems and technologies to a wide range of industries including aerospace, biomedical, and Oil & Gas.

His areas of expertise include hazardous environment instrumentation, intrinsic safety systems, material characterization, nondestructive testing, smart sensors, and adaptive signal processing. He has co-authored numerous technical publications in his areas of expertise, and has to his credit many patents.

Position(s) & Affiliation(s)

Khalifa University of Science & Technology
United Arab Emirates