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Nuria Novas Castellano


Nuria Novas Castellano obtained a Ph. D. in Electronic Engineering at the University of Almería, Spain, in 2007. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering, University of Almería, being active in the department since 1999. She imparts subjects related to electronic engineering and renewable energies to various specialties in the field of engineering. She is a member of the Electronics, communications and telemedicine research group (TIC019) and CIAIMBITAL (Center for Research in Intensive Mediterranean Agrosystems and Agri-Food Biotechnology), both in the University of Almería. Her research includes projects, contracts, publications and patents in the field of electronic engineering. These works are focused on monitoring and sensing across multiple fields of application. For instance, measurements of natural phenomena in the ELF band, ambient variables monitoring in tourist caverns, dielectric measurements, biomedical monitoring, agricultural applications, and renewable energies.

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University of Almería