About the Initiative

This initiative aims to collect diverse pitch speeches that explain previous, current, or new roles of I&M within the I&M Society and how IEEE/IMS serves as their professional home.

  • The IMS Membership Committee will select the best set and provide professional audio-video editing and possibly recording support.
  • Speakers whose pitches are recognized as the most viewed or of top quality will receive a token of appreciation in the form of an IMS gadget and a certificate.


  • Disseminate successful and diverse membership stories to motivate other members and non-members and demonstrate ways in which being a member of the IMS is beneficial to one’s professional career
  • Share new roles/views of I&M, especially in Future Disruptor Technologies
  • Energize and engage members as ambassadors, as well as provide visibility for their own networks


  • The pitcher must be a Member (or higher grade Member) or a Student Member of the IEEE and of I&M Society at the time of the submission of the pitch
  • The pitch must be in English
  • Duration: 1 minute or less
  • No more than two pitches can be submitted by a single individual
  • Not necessary to include the Speaker’s face in the video. Images for which the speaker can release copyright are also acceptable (lab video, cartoon, animated slides, pictures). The use of commercial logos must be very limited and in no way it may constitute the main characterization of the video

Submission Information

Submissions are still being accepted. Submit today!
Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Decisions will be made in June, September, and November 2023. Criteria will include diversity in all possible meanings of the term relevant to IMS.

Additional Information

Basis for Judgment

The committee will take into account the following criteria in the evaluation:

  • Relevance
  • Audio-video quality (the recorded pitch must be good enough to be posted without new recording in case the author declines; if the content is really good but the recording is really poor, then the author will be contacted and the pitch selected only if the author agrees to professional recording)
  • Convincing justification of the statements
  • Originality and creativity
  • In line with the IMS strategy
  • Diversity in the context of the pool of selected pitches

Follow Up

The authors of the selected pitches will be contacted to agree on terms of professional editing and/or recording. The IMS will send a token of appreciation to the Speakers of pitches recognized as most viewed or top quality in 2023.

The IMS may also:

  • Explore the opportunity to re-use the material in the Magazine (e.g. column with summaries of the Pitch contents), or on the website (rotating the videos)
  • Invite the Speakers to events at their chapter or other IMS events
  • Promote the Pitch by pushing it to IEEE channels.

Example Pitches

e.g. Student representatives start by identifying their member status, affiliation, and I&M area of interest, then describe how their involvement has engaged them with others in the I&M community, how proud they are of working with and expanding the interests of the students as part of the IMS community, and doing it alongside the recognized experts in theirI&M area of interest. They might share how including this activity in their cv has boosted their standing in their department or in job interviews.

e.g. Young professionals start by identifying their member status, affiliation, and I&M area of interest, then describe how the learning resources (pubs, tutorials), networking/YP events at conferences, or either formal or informal mentoring by their I&M colleagues helped them advance in their careers, or how their I&M expertise brought a much-needed perspective to their technical work in another technology area.

e.g. IMS Award recipients start by identifying their member status, affiliation, I&M area, and award received, then describe that the Award not only boosted the visibility of their work and enhanced their C.V., but also strengthened their confidence and desire to help others achieve awards by advertising the opportunity and supporting colleagues with the preparation of their applications or nominations.