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Medicine 4.0: AI and IoT, the New Revolution

Eros Pasero


Medicine 4.0 is definitely a great revolution in patient care. New horizons are possible today. Relocation of services, which means remote monitoring, and remote diagnoses without direct contact between the doctor and the patient. Hospitals are freed from routine tests that could be performed by patients at home and reported by doctors on the internet. Telemedicine is not a WhatsApp where an elder tries to chat with a doctor. Telemedicine is a complete remote medical center connected to smart devices able to measure objective vital parameters. Medicine 4.0 requires new technologies for smart sensors, but also Artificial Intelligence is required to perform smart analysis using these smart sensors. A.I. is used both to manage intensive care rooms and to perform better and faster analyses. In this webinar, we’ll see how to use Machine learning techniques to improve ECG analyses and leg ulcer treatment.    

Keywords: Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Electronic Health, Smart Sensors

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Eros Pasero

Politecnico of Turin