Webinar Speaker

Octavian Adrian Postolache

Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Smart Sensing Systems and AI for Precision Agriculture in Climate Changes Era

Hosted by the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society in partnership with the IEEE Public Visibility Committee.

Precision agriculture (PA) combines technologies and practices that assure the optimization of the operations associated with agricultural production through specific farm management. Regarding the employed technologies distributed smart sensing systems characterized by fixed and mobile nodes (based on remote sensing and Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV)) are used to turn the farming operations into data, and to optimize the future operation based on data-driven models. Edge and cloud computing platforms that are capable to run AI/ML algorithms may contribute to help on human decisions. This new mode to act in agriculture based on digital transformation through the combination of technologies such as smart sensors, cloud, and mobile computing, data science is related to the fact that classical decisions cannot be applied nowadays when the cultivated areas are much extended, and the adverse meteorological events are occurring frequently that conduct to miss-management with yield losses.

In this talk, we see together the meaning of precision agriculture in the context of the heavy uncertainty associated with climate change. The IoT ecosystem technologies for precision agriculture will be discussed including multimodal sensing and artificial intelligence. Referring to sensing in-situ and remote sensing are considered special attention being granted to the soil characteristics (moisture and macronutrient concentration). The agriculture UAV imagery and satellite imagery solutions as so as the relation between the data coming from the smart sensors distributed in the field and acquired images using multispectral imagery techniques will be part of the presentation. Metrological characteristics of smart sensors as so as the test and calibration procedure for in-situ and remote measurement smart sensing systems are also a part of the talk.

This webinar was held on 26 July 2023 and is now available as a recorded resource.

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