TC-37 - Measurements and Networking


Domenico Capriglione

University of Cassino

The purpose of the TC-37 is to increase awareness and interest in networking and to encourage I&M Society members to apply their skills and extend their knowledge of networking-related problems in the I&M application field.

Indeed, given the complexity of modern networks and related systems, a multidisciplinary approach has to be followed for correctly addressing the technological challenges and issues that are arising and will arise in the future in the field of telecommunication systems and networking. TC-37 promotes the international cooperation and integration of researchers belonging to the IMS with ones coming from other areas of the telecommunication and information technologies. In particular, enforcers are made for highlighting the important contribution of a metrological approach inside different areas of networking, looking also to emerging fields as IoT, Software Defined Radio, Software Defined Networks, Coexistence and interference problems in wireless networks, to cite a few. To these aims, TC-37 is in touch with several other bodies in the networking world, such as IP Performance Metrics working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the SIGMETRICS special interest group of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and the AMTA (Antenna Measurement Techniques Association).

The main fields of expertise include Measurement for networking (Methods and Techniques for Network Performance assessment, QoE and QoS in computer networks, Traffic and Protocol Analysis, In-service testing), Networking for measurements (WSN design, implementation and performance assessment, Indoor positioning, Synchronization issues, Vehicular networks, Cognitive radio), Measurements for security in networks (Anomaly and intrusion detection, Application Level Trust and Security, Wireless and Mobile Network Security, Coexistence and interference problems in sensor networks). Recently, new emerging topics have been included as “Measurements on 5G systems” and “Antenna measurements for modern telecommunication systems”.

The TC organizes special sessions at I2MTC, joins in the sponsorship of specific conferences, organizes tutorial sessions, etc, as well as it is involved in the organization of the biennial IEEE Workshop on Measurement and Networking and the IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium.

As for the standardization activity, the TC-37 supports Working Groups involved in the development of standards sponsored or co-sponsored by IMS.    

TC-37 has links with other I&M technical committees, e.g., TC-13 Wireless and Telecommunications in Measurements and TC-36 Industrial Inspection, and also maintains communication with other IEEE societies such as the Communication Society and Computer Society.