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75th Anniversary of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society: 2024-2025 Celebration

Juan Manuel Ramirez Cortes Headshot
I&M Society President, 2023-2024

Dear friends,

A new year is always time to renew energies and reconsider our goals in our personal and professional lives. I would like to convey my best wishes to our beloved community for a prosperous, healthy, productive, and very happy 2024.

We begin the year by announcing with great pleasure the start of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society. We will dedicate this year and part of the next one to a series of activities devoted to commemorating this important event. The beginnings of our Society date back to March 9, 1950, with the establishment of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) Professional Group on Instrumentation. On 1963 IRE merged with the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) to form the present-day IEEE. On 1964 IEEE decided to expand into a series of groups focused on diverse technical areas. One of them was the Group on Instrumentation and Measurement (GIM). Then, on May 22, 1978 the name was changed to IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society. Since then, the I&M Society has gone through several stages until reaching its current status as a mature, well-established, and consolidated IEEE Society, ready to become our professional home. During the last years, notable efforts have been made to generate the current framework with the aim of providing our community with first-class platforms in support of our professional activities.

The essence of life is evolution, and I&M Society is no exception. We see with enormous enthusiasm the growing interest in the scientific ambit of our field to consider our publications and conferences as the first option. This situation imposes positive pressure to maintain the organizational structures that allow fluid administration in the best conditions. In all cases, the first consideration is always to maintain high quality standards of the products and activities offered to our community.

I cordially invite you to stay tuned through our traditional media, such as the Newsletter, the Magazine, and the social networks, to participate in the diverse programs that the I&M Society will put at your service throughout the year. That invitation extends to be in close contact with your local Chapter, which is there with our full support to help you on this journey. No accomplishment would be possible without the commitment and hard work of many volunteers who offer their time for that purpose. If you are not yet an IMS member, we warmly invite you to join us. If you are a member, we extend to you a permanent invitation to get involved. Your participation is key to maximizing the capabilities of this community, keeping high the IEEE spirit of advancing technology for humanity. May this year be full of health, well-being and many success stories in our professional activities. Be ready to participate in the activities planned to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.




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