I&M Society Constitution Changes

announcement | Mon, Dec 14th, 2020


The following are proposed Amendments to the Society Constitution to address the fact that the Senior Past President and the Junior Past President were not listed as Officers of the Society, which they are. The bold text is being added, the strike-out text is being deleted. These amendments will become effective unless at least ten percent of the Society membership object within 30 days:

ARTICLE VII - I&M Administrative Committee

Sec. 2. The AdCom comprises members-at-large, officers, the Senior Past President, the Junior Past President, Editors-in-Chief (EICs), Undergraduate Student Representative, Graduate Student Representative, Young Professional Representative, special appointees, IEEE representatives, and, when warranted, external representatives. 

Sec. 4. Officers of the Society are the President, the Executive Vice President, the Senior Past President, the Junior Past President, one or more vice presidents, and the Treasurer. The Society Handbook specifies the title and responsibilities of each vice president officer.

Sec. 7. Terms
C. Every appointed member of AdCom, including but not limited to, officers, past presidents, EICs, student representatives, Young Professional representatives, and special appointees, has a one-year term of service.

If you have an objection to any of these amendments, please send your objection to Judy Scharmann by January 13, 2021.