TC-01: Nondestructive Evaluation and Industrial Inspection (NDE&II)


James (Jim) A. Smith

Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
United States

Helena Geirinhas Ramos

Technical University of Lisbon

The aims of this IMS Technical Committee (TC) are to:

  • Develop, promote, and support research and development on measurements, instrumentation, and systems for non-destructive evaluation and industrial inspection.
  • Promote the integration of cutting-edge technologies into NDT&II ecosystems for the applications of material characterization and structural health monitoring.
  • Develop IEEE standards on NDT&II to serve industry.
  • Become the liaison, facilitate and promote collaboration among the users and developers of different Nondestructive Evaluation and Industrial Inspection (NDE&II) techniques and relevant IMS Technical Committees (TC), other IEEE Societies, councils, and OUs.


You're welcome to join the Technical Committee on Nondestructive Evaluation and Industrial Inspection (TC NDE&II) of the IEEE I&M Society.

To join TC NDE&II, contact the TC Chair or Co-chair listed above with your name, title, position, affiliation, and a self-introduction by e-mail. Membership in TC NDE&II is open to any interested researcher in Nondestructive Evaluation and Industrial Inspection (NDE&II). Membership application needs to be approved by the TC Chairs, is valid for three years and will be renewed based on the contribution of the member.

We hope you can increase your professional skills and potential through your activities in TC - 1.