TC-20 - Measurement Techniques in Transportation Systems


Daniel Watzenig

Graz University of Technology
Virtual Vehicle Research

The goals of this Committee are to:

  • ​​​Continuously capture the state-of-the-art of measurement and automation techniques in mobility and transport.
  • Discuss advances with respect to assisted, automated, and autonomous modes in on-road and off-road applications but also related fields such as in maritime, avionics and space, agriculture, automated rail operations, defense, and health-care robotics.
  • Analyze the benefits of machine learning and generative AI techniques for modern transportation and decision-making for both non-critical but also for safety-critical applications.
  • Discuss cutting-edge methods required for the sense-predict-plan-decide-act of cooperative, connected, and automated transportation systems.
  • Recommend areas and research fields worthy of further study due to the perceived lack of advanced measurement techniques, science, or implementation.
  • Maintain liaison with other groups, societies, and organizations working in the same field.
  • Discuss recent advances in our annual conference, the IEEE IAVVC.

Sponsored Conferences: 

  • IEEE International Automated Vehicle Validation Conference (IVVC) - IAVVC focuses on all aspects related to research, development, and applications of vehicle and infrastructure connectivity – both with a focus on vehicle electrification and vehicle automation.