TC-25 - Medical and Biological Measurements


Sergio Rapuano

University of Sannio

Voicu Z. Groza

University of Ottawa

Sabrina Grassini

Politecnico di Torino


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The goals of this Committee are to establish, develop, promote and support a cooperation among researchers involved in the different fields of medical measurements. Topics of these cooperations could be:

  • Sensors for the measurement of clinical and/or biological parameters. Many new or improved sensors are continuosly developed that allow new or more accurate measurements and diagnoses to be performed.
  • Measurement techniques for athletic performance
  • Data processing either conventional or non conventional. The enormous amount of data generated by different kinds of intruments, such as TAC and NMR, requires processing strategies which help the physicians to extract the most important features of each exam.
  • Instrument and procedure characterisation. Medical instruments and related data processing deeply interact with the phisician who emit the diagnoses. This is a remarkable difference with respect to other 'conventional' instruments where standard accepted procedures are used for the uncertainty expression.
  • Instrument interoperativity and interconnection. Most diagnoses are obtained by combining tests results generated by different instruments. The 'data fusion' is often performed by the phisician only at the end of the measurements process, but a more easy possibility to access raw data generated by the different instruments could gratly improve the diagnois quality. The DICOM standard represents a noticeably improvement over the past, but this is an endless problem.
  • Instruments and devices for impaired people. The advances in the digital processing and the micro and nanotecnology open new and surprising possibilities to help people who need help. This is a higly ethical research everyone should be committed to.
  • Maintain liasons with other committees, groups, societies, and organizations working on soft-computing technologies and in the applications fields.
  • TC-25 organized several special sessions during annual IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technical Conferences and several workshops and symposia on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA).

This is a young committee: we need your help to keep it growing and to make it useful for the scientific communities of both medical and measurement researchers!

Email us suggestions, advice and anything you believe could be useful.