TC-42 - Photonic Technology in Instrumentation and Measurement


George Xiao

National Research Council

Tuan Guo

Jinan University

The goals of this committee are:

  • Promote and disseminate technical information related to the fields listed below via workshops, lectures, and technical papers.
    • Photonic technology in the sensors and instrumentation for industrial and clinical applications including
      • chemical, medical and biological applications
      • indoor/outdoor environmental monitoring
      • structural health monitoring
    • Photonic instrumentation for optical fiber communication applications
    • Novel photonic concepts and techniques for the measurement of physical, chemical and biological  parameters
    • Micro- and nano-scale photonic sensors
    • Multiplexed and distributed photonic sensor networks
    • High-speed photonic instrumentation and measurement systems
    • Photonic sensor fusion and big data
    • Photonic technology for chemical, environmental, biological and medical measurement
    • Interferometric and polarimetric Photonic Sensors
    • Micro- and nano-structured fiber and waveguide Sensors
    • Photonic multiplexing and sensing networking
    • Distributed photonic sensing
    • Smart photonic devices, structures and systems
    • Photonic sensing application, field tests, and standardization
    • New concepts for photonic sensing
  • Maintain liaison with other groups, Societies, and organizations working in the same/similar area.
  • Develop standards in the field as appropriate.
  • Organize special sessions during the I2MTC and special issues in IMS sponsored IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology.