TC-45: Radiation and Nuclear Instrumentation and Systems


Leticia Pibida

National Institute of Science and Technology
United States

The aim of the technical committee is to develop and maintain standards pertaining to design and construction, design performance criteria, performance testing against design criteria, calibration, and field response testing of radiological detection and protection instruments, and radiometrology instrumentation.

The goals of this technical committee are to:

  • Prepare standards related to electrical and electronic equipment and systems for instrumentation specific to radiological and nuclear applications
  • Prepare standards that address instrumentation used for the measurement of ionizing radiation in the workplace, to the public, and in the environment for radiation protection purposes
  • Prepare standards that address instrumentation used for illicit trafficking detection and identification of radionuclides
  • Prepare standards that address instrumentation used for radiation-based security screening
  • Disseminate information and knowledge about radiation detection systems, by means of workshops, special sessions in conferences, lectures, and publications.
  • Maintain liaisons with other committees, groups, societies, and organizations working on radiation detection instrumentation and nuclear applications.