TC-34 - Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and Measurement


Aimé Lay–Ekuakille

University of Salento

Aimé Lay–Ekuakille

The goals of this Committee are to establish, develop, promote and support cooperation among researchers, industry & academia involved in different fields of nanotechnology instrumentation and measurement.

Topics of these cooperations include:

  • Sensors for the measurement of nanotechnology properties. Many new or improved sensors are continuously developed that allow new or more accurate measurements to be performed.
  • Promote the use of a variety of imaging techniques and methodologies in the fields of instrumentation, measurement, and test, such as scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy and more.
  • Instrument and procedure characterisation. Nanotechnology instruments and related data processing depend deeply upon the training and background of the researcher who uses them.
  • Promote the exchange of technical advances among experimentalists and theorists working in different areas of the field.
  • Maintain a list of research laboratory capabilities and researcher contact information for nanomaterial and nanosensor characterization.
  • Promote the utilization of such technologies in real applications.
  • Address the increasing demand for performance and functionality in nanomaterials and nanotechnology.
  • Address the increasing need for common terminology throughout nanotechnology.
  • Instrument interoperability and interconnection. Most analyses are obtained by combining test results generated by different instruments. The 'data fusion' is often performed by the scientist or engineer only at the end of the measurement process, but a standard format for raw data generated by the different instruments could greatly improve quality and performance. Standards may need to be developed to promote these ends.
  • Attract interest of the scientific, academic and industrial communities in the exploration of advanced instrumentation and measurement methods in nanotechnology.
  • Capture and disseminate technical information relative to the field via workshops, conferences, and formal papers.
  • Maintain liaison with other groups, societies, and organizations working in the same or related fields while promoting the instrumentation and measurement aspects at nanotechnology conferences and in international standards.

This is a young committee: we need your help to have it growing and making it useful for the scientific community of both nanotech instrument and measurement researchers!