Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series I

VDL Webinar

Measurements in the Emerging Power System- The Case of Phasor Measurement Units

Mihaela Albu

VDL Webinar

A Dynamometer for the Heart - Nature's Engine

Andrew Taberner

VDL Webinar

Sensing and Computing Systems for High-Performance Measurements in Autonomous Vehicles

Sergio Saponara

Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series II

VDL Webinar

Advanced Reliability, Availability and Safety Design Tools for Industrial Applications

Marco Mugnaini

VDL Webinar

Smart Sensors and Tailored Environments for Neuro-Motor Rehabilitation Monitoring in IoT Era

Octavian Adrian Postolache

VDL Webinar

Accurate Linearity Testing for High Performance Data Converters Using Significantly Reduced Measurement Time and Relaxed Instrumentation

Degang Chen

Video Tutorial Intro

Expert Series

What is Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopy? (Intro)

Rosario A. Gerhardt

Expert Series

Charge Measuring Electronics in Medical Applications (Intro)

Marco Carminati

Expert Series

Electrical Capacitance Tomography- from Principle to Applications (Intro)

Wuqiang Yang

Expert Series

Measurements Applications for Autonomous Systems (Intro)

Daniele Fontanelli

Expert Series

Signal Quality- From Wearables to Hospitals (Intro)

Mohamed Abdelazez

Expert Series

A Gentle Introduction to DOE (Intro)

Jean-Marie Fürbringer

Expert Series

Measurement of Magnetism in Composite Materials (Intro)

Bernardo Tellini



2021 I2MTC Awards Ceremony

Salvatore Baglio , Shervin Shirmohammadi

Congratulations to the 2020 I&M Society Award Winners!

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