TC-10 - Waveform Generation, Measurement & Analysis


Nick Paulter

National Institute of Standards & Technology
United States

The goals of this Committee are to:

  • Develop, promote and support standards for specifying and measuring waveforms, and for specifying and testing instrumentation used for waveform measurement or generation;
  • Promote effective practices of waveform measurement, generation, and analysis through workshops, review papers, etc.;
  • Maintain liaison with other groups, societies, and standards organizations working in the same area.

There is a global need to standardize the terms and the test and computational methods that are used to describe and/or measure the parameters that characterize and define the performance of devices that generate signals and subsequently acquire and analyze the waveforms associated with those signals. This standardization is essential for accurate, reproducible, reliable, and communicable characterization of the performance of these devices, which supports technology and product advancement, product comparison and performance tracking, and device calibration and traceability. TC-10, the Waveform Generation, Measurement, and Analysis Committee, develops documentary standards to address these needs. The TC-10 comprises an international group of electronics engineers, mathematicians, professors and physicists with representatives from national metrology laboratories, national science laboratories, component manufacturers, the test instrumentation industry, academia, and end users. The published standards developed and maintained by the TC10 include: IEEE Std 181-2011, “Standard on Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms;” IEEE Std 1057-2017, “Standard for Digitizing Waveform Recorders;” IEEE Std 1241-2010, “Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Analog-to-Digital Converters;” IEEE Std 1658-2011, “Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Digital-to-Analog Converters;” and the IEEE Std 1696-2013, “Standard for Terminology and Test Methods for Circuit Probes;" and the IEEE Std 2414-2020 "Standard for Jitter and Phase Noise." 

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